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2.Uluslararası Sağlık Yönetimi Kongresi

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2.Uluslararası Sağlık Yönetimi Kongresi
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11 Ekim 2016
14 Ekim 2016
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10 Haziran 2016


Welcome Message from the Conference Co-Chairs

(King's College, Wilkes-Barre/USA)


On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are delighted to welcome all delegates and their guests to King’s College, USA, for the 2nd International Healthcare Management Conference (IHMC) that will take place from October 11 to 14, 2016.


The 2nd IHMC will serve as a professional platform and network to exchange knowledge, information, and experiences about current healthcare management trends. The conference will also be an opportunity for healthcare management academicians to review national and international developments in the healthcare management field with policy makers, practitioners, managers, and students.


The conference, a proven platform for raising international awareness of healthcare management as an important and growing profession, follows on the success of last year’s highly attended event at Gümüşhane University, in Turkey which drew over 120 participants from 12 different countries, including Austria, Denmark, Greece, Iran, Morocco, Nigeria, Romania, Saudi Arabia, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, United States and Turkey. 


This year’s conference will focus on the effective implementation of healthcare management across a number of critical areas through the following themes:


·         Payment Reforms & Value Based Payment for Health Services

·         Health Care Ethics

·        Management Implications of the Growth and Diffusion of Medical and/or Management            Information Systems

·         Population Health Management in a Global Context

·         Creating a High-Reliable Health Care System: Accountability and Performance                             Improvement


We are looking forward to meeting you at King’s College, USA in October 2016 at what promises to be a most stimulating and productive event!

Fevzi Akıncı, Ph.D., Professor                       Sedat Bostan, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Co-Conference Chair                                          Co-Conference Chair

King’s College, USA                                            Gümüşhane University, Turkey







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